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In every great school, there needs to be a great leader.

Recruiting, training and retaining school leaders of color is more important than ever...

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The Leadership Pipeline

Inequities in education have pushed our team to examine the recruitment, training and development, and retention of school principals. Through this project we wanted to learn more about how principals are recruited and selected, how they are trained and developed throughout their careers, and factors that impact their retention. In addition, we wanted to explore how traditional systems of recruitment limit the advancement or opportunities for leaders of color. We hope to identify strategies that will better support, develop, and retain principals, and will provide nuances for principals of color and those who work in urban and rural settings.

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Excellent school leadership is imperative to running a successful school. Given their ties to the students, staff, and community, a school leader serves as a convergence point between the school and the communities they serve.

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Meeting the Challenge

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Knowing where to start is the first step in creating a more equitable pipeline for future school leadership.


Districts aren't alone in tackling this challenge.  Across the United States there are great districts doing great things.

In The Field

Hear stories about people, communities and districts who have embraced the importance issue of supporting effective leaders of color.


Women continue to be underrepresented at the highest levels of leadership.  This is even more true for women of color.

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